refined under refuge


Oh, sisterhood.  I see us walking hand in hand, forming a blockade if you will against the forces of evil.  A true sister has your back in dark times.  She reminds you that you are a child of the light and that no evil can truly overcome you.  She speaks the truth of your identity to you when you feel unworthy of being seen.  She tells you that you are a daughter of the High King.  She prays for you when you cannot find your way in the dark.  

All of us sisters have our seasons.  Some of us may be experiencing a time of great intimacy with the Lord while another is struggling with feelings of oppression.  It takes these seasons to grow us deeper into relationship with the Lord.  But look around you... there is such beauty and strength in the seasons of sisterhood, a kindness found within the plan.  Just as the earthly seasons prepare one another for the next, we sisters water, plant, store up and till, all for each other, until a magnificent bloom springs forth in our hearts.  

Let us join hands and walk the roads together.  Holding.  Lifting.  Carrying.  Rejoicing.  


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